New York Institute of Art & Design (NYIAD)
Assignment Six
Album Cover Design

The goal of this assignment was to achieve visual unity in a design using images and typography.  Requirements involved using a compound color scheme, smart objects that contain vector graphics, and the use of adjustment layers and global adjustment layers. Bonus: Use two typefaces, create a color variant of the first album cover in another compound color scheme, and use a fill adjustment layer somewhere in the project.

For this project, I grabbed my Appalachian mountain dulcimer and made it the star. My compound color schemes of browns and greens were derived from the mountain landscape of Appalachia - the greens representing the forest; the browns representing the dulcimer wood and the old mountain cabins and porches upon which people sat and strummed traditional folk melodies. The flower is vector art drawn in Illustrator and it was added to the cover as a Photoshop smart object. Mock-ups courtesy of DesignCuts were created via smart objects in Photoshop.
Album Cover Version Two
Album Cover Version One
Album Cover Version Two
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