New York Institute of Art & Design
Assignment Four: Book Cover Design

Individual covers should follow a monochromatic color scheme. The set should follow an analogous, split-complementary, or triadic color scheme.

Imagery must include an illustration, posterization, or shape arrangement. It should also convey conceptual unity within the design and across the set.

Create one of the following interactions: contrast, repetition, movement, or proportion.

Export as PDF.

Bonus: Achieve conceptual unity across the set. Use a type of unity, such as similarity, closure, continuity, common fate, or parallelism.

For this assignment I tapped into my life experience as a survivor of Stage 2B Breast Cancer. I saw the three books as the three stages one goes through when receiving a cancer diagnosis:  Book One for the newly diagnosed;  Book Two for those in active treatment; and Book Three for life after treatment. Artwork was created in Photoshop; text in Illustrator. I am currently writing my story of cancer survivorship and hope to one day fill these books with words of encouragement for others on a similar journey.
Book One for the newly diagnosed...
Book Two for those in active treatment...
Book Three for inspiration for those in recovery.. 
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