New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD)
Assignment Five
Social Media Ads
Use templates and images supplied by NYIAD.
Submit five social media ads in one PSD.
Use a different complementary color scheme for each ad.
Typographical elements must emphasize the imagery.
Apply same visual style across all ads.
Use smart object that contains embedded vector graphic for imagery in each ad.
Apply an adjustment layer or smart filter to every image in order to subdue it.
Bonus: Add a gradient map adjustment layer to all added imagery.
            Use blur filter in at least one ad.

For this project, I studied the photos NYIAD provided and tried to form a common theme or story for them so they could work together seamlessly. As a photographer and graduate of NYIAD's sister school, The New York Institute of Photography, I naturally thought of portrait photography and opted to create a pretend business for myself using these random images. From these supplied images, I selected five portraits and created five ads for my "business" as a portrait photographer emphasizing special locations in my area and offering package deals. The biggest challenge with this assignment was that the imagery itself had to take a backseat to the ad content; but yet the ad content had to be emphasized by the imagery.
Mock up using my own Instagram account...
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